The Effect of Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) on Nigerian Federalism: An Examination Intergovernmental Management (IGM) 1999-2007

Albert. T. Akume


Federalism is a political mechanism for promoting unity-in-diversity in a heterogeneous society. The federal system through the IGR uses the IGM mechanism to provide understanding, cordiality balance and collaboration between and among units of government, and between government and the citizenry. In Nigeria’s federal relation, the IGR seems not to have facilitated the right harmonious interactions between and among the various units of government, and among groups. This has resulted in continued conflict and disharmony in some important areas of federal relation with its negative impact on the citizenry and the federal state. Hence this paper utilizing the documentary method examines the utilization of the IGM practice from 1999-2007 in IGR interactions in some areas of government interface in our federal system.


Federalism; Federal system; Collaboration; Conflict; Relations; IGR and IGM

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