Information For Authors

Thank you for considering Canadian Social Science (CSS) as a platform for your research. Here's what you can expect when submitting your work:

  1. Interdisciplinary Scope: CSS welcomes original contributions from various disciplines within Humanities and Social Sciences, including but not limited to political science, sociology, history, social work, geography, international studies, women's studies, economics, and more.

  2. Manuscript Types: CSS publishes empirical studies, review articles, methodological papers, brief reports, case studies, and letters to the Editor. We encourage diversity in content and methodology.

  3. Submission Formats: While the journal primarily follows APA style, we accept submissions in other familiar formats such as MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc. Ensure your manuscript is written in English or French.

  4. Open Access: CSS is an open-access journal, ensuring that your research reaches a global audience without barriers. We believe in freely sharing knowledge for the benefit of the academic community.

  5. Indexed and Archived: Your work will be filed by Library and Archives Canada and included in the database AMICUS of Canada, providing long-term accessibility and visibility.

  6. Prompt Confirmation: Expect a confirmation email within two days of submitting your manuscript. If not received, please reach out to us.

  7. Transparent Review Process: The review process takes approximately 14-60 days. You will receive prompt feedback via email. If no response is received within two months, feel free to contact us.

  8. Publication Rights: Authors retain copyright, and CSS holds the first publication rights. 

We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions and being a part of your academic journey. Submit your manuscript to CSS here.