Information For Librarians

Canadian Social Science (CSS) is a leading interdisciplinary journal in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. As a librarian, here's what you need to know:

  1. Diverse Disciplines: CSS covers a wide range of disciplines, including political science, sociology, history, social work, economics, and more. This diversity makes it a valuable resource for researchers and students.

  2. Open Access: CSS is an open-access journal, ensuring that research is freely accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This aligns with the principles of open scholarship and supports global knowledge dissemination.

  3. Indexed and Archived: The journal is filed by Library and Archives Canada and collected by the database AMICUS of Canada. This ensures that CSS is part of the scholarly record and contributes to the collective knowledge base.

  4. Interdisciplinary Research: Librarians can recommend CSS to researchers seeking interdisciplinary insights. The journal publishes empirical studies, review articles, methodological papers, and more, providing a comprehensive view of contemporary issues.

  5. Publication Frequency: CSS publishes bimonthly, providing regular updates on the latest research. Librarians can stay informed about emerging trends and topics within Humanities and Social Sciences.

  6. Accessible Online Submission: Researchers can easily submit their manuscripts online, making it a seamless process for authors. Librarians can guide faculty and students in navigating the submission process.

  7. Global Impact: CSS's open-access policy ensures that research reaches a global audience. Librarians can promote the journal to enhance the visibility of their institution's scholarly output.

We appreciate your role in supporting academic research, and CSS is here to contribute valuable content to your library's collection. Encourage researchers to explore CSS for diverse and impactful contributions.

For more information, visit CSS Online.