Analysis of Land Value Trends in Southern Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria

Theresa Wado Anjide, Philip Atere, Gbenga John Oladehinde, Oladapo Michael Ogungbade, Cyril Kanayochukwu Ezeamaka, Mwanret Gideon Daful


The paper examines the trends of land value in the southern Kaduna metropolis, Kaduna State, Nigeria. The paper specifically examines the trends of land value between 1988 and 2018 as well as the factors influencing land value in the study area. Multistage technique was used in the selection of 387 property land owners and 70 registered estate firms through the use of questionnaire administration. Data were collected and analysed using line graph, mean, and ANOVA. The study revealed an overall increase in land value with mean land value from N14,425 to N3600,000 between 1988 and 2018. Through the use of ANOVA test, it was established that there was significant variation in the trends of land value over the years and across the districts. Furthermore, the use of a five-point Likert Scale revealed that security, high demand for residential land use, general inflation, high population density, nearness to major roads, nearness to educational facilities, quality of houses, presence of healthcare facilities, and condition of infrastructure were significant to influence land value in the study area. The study recommended that Estate surveyors and valuers should develop a centralised land/property data bank within Kaduna State for all firms and it should be updated regularly with changing market conditions, Kaduna state Government should invest in the provision of adequate urban infrastructure as well as the establishment of massive low-cost housing scheme through public private partnership to meet housing need within the metropolis.


Land value; Trends; Factors; Urban; Kaduna; Nigeria

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