Study on the Value Evaluation of Intellectual Property Pledge Financing

Bo FENG, Xuan YING, Junwen FENG


As an intangible asset, intellectual property can not only improve the asset value of the company, but also obtain financing through pledge. Especially for some small and medium-sized technology-based companies in China, intellectual property financing has become one of their important ways. However, at present, there are still some problems in the value evaluation of intellectual property pledge financing, such as the uncertainty of intellectual property rights, the lack of a unified evaluation system, the lack of relevant laws and regulations, etc., which have caused certain difficulties to the value evaluation of intellectual property rights. At present, the income method is mainly used in the value evaluation of intellectual property pledge financing in China. Taking Hangzhou Xiye Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, this paper studies the applicability of this value evaluation method, points out relevant problems, and puts forward relevant suggestions, so as to improve the value evaluation level of intellectual property pledge financing in China.


Intellectual property; Financing; Value evaluation

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