The Market-Oriented Education Approach Brings Challenges to the Practice: Based learning Approach in Pre-school Higher Education

Jindao WANG, Weisha WANG, Wei XIAO, Siting LIANG, Yang DONG, Haoyuan ZHENG, Fanlin LI


Universities in Chinaare encouraged by the Chinese government to adopt a practice-based learning approach in the Higher Education sector. Such emphasis exerts great impacts on the traditional practice-basedpre-schoolHigher Education and has alsoimposed some challenges ontoacademics in Universities. The market-oriented approach requires Universities to emphasize employability skills that meet the demands of delivering a modernized and international pre-schooleducation. Universities need to adapt their curriculum design to embed practical training on employability skills into the curriculum.Building on our existing knowledge, the pre-school curriculum is aiming to work with pre-school practitioners. Bridging the gap between University teachingandpractical skills required by the pre-school sector, this process facilitates practice-based learning for students and improves research for academics. Piloting practice-based learning allows Universities to focus on enhancing employability skills and helping Universities adapt their curriculum to achieve the desirable employability skills they want their graduates to have. As a result, the practice-based learning approach informs Universities’ curriculum design and quality standards so that graduates develop employable attributes.

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