The Regression Analysis of the Kindergarten Teachers' Education Concept

Le MAO, Bin ZENG, Yang LI


Scientific and rational concept of education is of great significance to the development of kindergarten teachers. In order to investigate kindergarten teachers’ concept of education task, education content, young children’s one-day life, and young children’s active learning. The Kindergarten Teachers’ Education Concept Questionnaire was adopted in the research, and 138 kindergarten teachers who come from Sichuan province were sampled as the research objects. The results showed that educational attainment had an overall effect on kindergarten teachers’ education concept. Professional rank had an effect on kindergarten teachers’ concept of education task. Kindergarten teachers’ concept of education content had significant differences in different regions. Household income had an effect on kindergarten teachers’ concept of young children’s one-day life. Personal relations had an effect on kindergarten teachers’ concept of children’s active learning. That is to say, kindergarten teachers’ education concept was influenced by factors like educational attainment, professional rank, location of kindergarten, personal relations, household income etc.


Kindergarten teachers; Education concept

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