Editorial Team

Deputy Editor

  1. Academician I.G. Tovarovskiy, Academy of Mining Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine
  2. Prof. Wen-Tien Tsai, Graduate Institute of Bioresources, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology,Taiwan
  3. Prof. Zhifeng Wang, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China
  4. Dr. Lurion De Mello, Macquarie University,Sydney, Australia

Editorial Board

  1. Tingzhen Ming, School of Energy and Power Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
  2. Dr. Orion Ciftja, Department of Physics, Prairie View A&M University, United States
  3. Dr Mohsen Ostad Shabani, Materials and Energy Research Center (MERC), Iran
  4. Dr. Samantha Wijewardane, Laboratory for Advanced Materials Science and Technology (LAMSAT), Department of Physics, University of South Florida, United States
  5. Stephan Laske, Department Polymer Engineering and Science, Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austria
  6. M. Abdul Mujeebu, Anjuman Institute of Technology and Management, Bhatkal, Karnataka, India
  7. Akira Otsuki, Metallurgical & Minerals Engineering, Western Australian School of Mines, Curtin University, Australia
  8. Minglai Fu, Key Laboratory of Urban Environment and Health, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  9. Qin Zhao, Laboratory for Atomistic and Molecular Mechanics in Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT, United States
  10. Scott E. Grasman, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Kate Gleason College of Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, United States
  11. Gang Liu, School of Energy Science and Engineering, Central South University, China
  12. Naji Hassane, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Artois, France
  13. Mangej Singh, Department of Physics University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India
  14. Prof. Shin Hyung Rhee, Dept. of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Seoul National University
  15. Prof. Changying ZHAO, School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
  16. Prof. Wan Mohd Norsani B. Wan Nik, Maritime Technology Department, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Marine Sciences, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia
  17. Dr. Weidong HUANG, Department of Geochemistry & Environmental Science, University of Science and Technology of China
  18. Dr. Firoz Khan, School of Chemical Engineering, Chonbuk National University, South Korea
  19. Dr. Shinji Kudo, Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan
  20. Prof. Jincan CHEN, Department of Physics, Xiamen University, China
  21. Prof. Hua MENG, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Zhejiang University, China
  22. Dr. Carolina Font Palma, Energy Technology & Innovation Initiative (ETII), University of Leeds, United Kingdom
  23. Dr. Veera Gnaneswar Gude, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Mississippi State University (MSU), United States
  24. Dr. Guobing ZHOU, School of Energy, Power and Mechanical Engineering, North China Electric Power University, China
  25. Prof. Feng C. Lai, School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, University of Oklahoma, United States
  26. Dr. Wojciech M. Budzianowski, Wrocław University of Technology
  27. Dr. Sam Wong, School of Environmental Sciences at the University of Liverpool, UK
  28. Prof. Xudong ZHAO, Low Carbon Society, De Montfort University, United Kingdom
  29. Dr. Vinod Kumar, University Of Texas At El Paso, United States
  30. Prof. Lalasaheb Patangrao Deshmukh, Department of Physics (Appl. Elect.), Solapur University, India
  31. Prof. Manickam Sivakumar, Manufacturing and Industrial Processes Research Division Faculty of Engineering University of Nottingham, Malaysia
  32. Asso. Prof. Huan-Liang Tsai, Department of Electric Engineering, Da-Yeh University in Taiwan
  33. Prof. Andrew CHAN, Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Malaysia
  34. Dr. Sibtain Ahmed, Center for Marine Biotechnology and Biomedicine, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego
  35. Ho Soon Min, Faculty of Applied Sciences, INTI International University, Malaysia
  36. Hao SUN, Chevron Energy Technology Company, United States
  37. Prof. Huamin ZHANG, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  38. Prof. Zhengqi LI, School of Energy Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
  39. Md. Arifujjaman, UTC Power Corporation, South Windsor, CT, United States
  40. Prof. K. MALARVIZHI, Department of EIE, SNS College of technology, India
  41. Prof. Haibo ZHAO, State Key Laboratory of Coal Combustion, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
  42. Prof. Piqiang TAN, School of Automobile, Tongji University, China
  43. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad, Department of Plant Sciences, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan
  44. Chief Consultant Bobban Subhadradr, GreeInn Solutions LLC, Albuquerque New Mexico
  45. Prof. Jinliang Xu, Renewable Energy School, North China Electric Power University
  46. Prof. Chaouki Ghenai, Ocean and Mechanical Engineering Department, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Florida Atlantic University
  47. Prof. Hengfu SHUI, School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Anhui University of Technology, China
  48. Prof. Yaling HE, School of Energy & Power Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China
  49. Dr. Yan ZHOU, Department of Physics, The University of Hong Kong, China
  50. Prof. Qunzhi Zhu, School of Energy and Environment Engineering, Shanghai University of Electric Power, Shanghai
  51. Dr. Ng Hoon Kiat, Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
  52. Pro. Chunzhao Liu, National Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering (NKLBE)
  53. Prof. Shuyuan Li, China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China
  54. Pro. Jamal Mahmoud Nazzal, Head of Department, Mech. Engineering Dept., Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia
  55. Dr. GAN SUYIN, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
  56. Prof. Meng Ni, Building Energy Research Group, Department of Building and Real Estate, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  57. Dr. YOUNG NAM CHUN, Department of Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering, Chosun University
  58. Dr. Hessam Taherian, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, USA
  59. Prof. Deqing Liang, Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China
  60. Prof. Shuguang Deng, Dept. of Chem. Eng.,New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
  61. Dr. Eric Jing Hu, School of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Adelaide, Australia
  62. Dr. Massimo Corcione, Dept. of Astronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering, SAPIENZA University of Rome
  63. Pro. Wei-Hsin Chen, Department of Greenergy,National University of Tainan
  64. Dr. Lurion De Mello, Macquarie University,Sydney, Australia
  65. Dr. Narendra Kaushika, World College of Technology & Management, NCR, Gurgaon
  66. Prof. Xiao-Sen Li, The Center of Gas Hydrate Research Key Laboratory of Renewable Energy and Gas Hydrate Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion The Chinese Academy of Sciences
  67. Prof. Zhen FANG, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Graden, China
  68. Dr. Yuan-Chung LIN, Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Sun Yat-Sen University. Taiwan
  69. Prof. Haisheng CHEN, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing, China
  70. Dr. Despina Vamvuka, Technical University of Crete, Department of Mineral Resources , Engineering, Greece
  71. Dr. Adam Smoliński, Department of Energy Saving and Air Protection, Laboratory of Coal Processing, Poland
  72. Dr. Jahar Sarkar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Technology, India
  73. Dr. Dragos Isvoranu, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania
  74. Dr. Mohammad Rasul, Central Queensland University Rockhampton, Australia
  75. Prof. Xiande Fang, Institute of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, NANJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS & ASTRONAUTICS, China
  76. Prof. Wen-Tien Tsai, Graduate Institute of Bioresources, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology,Taiwan
  77. Prof. Zhifeng Wang, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China
  78. Prof. Junye Wang, Faculty of Science and Technology, Athabasca University, Canada
  79. Prof. Jing Shi, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, North Dakota State University, Fargo