Highlights: Recruiting Editors at Editorial Board of CSCanada


Editors and reviewers’ participation in peer-review process contributes to establishing and maintaining the standards of technical and professional quality of all contributions to our journal, which is key to its success and reputation. CSCanada operates a group of scholarly journals covering the natural sciences, social sciences, political science, etc. We sincerely invite you to join us as an editorial board member.

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Highlights: Recruitment for Reviewers


CSCanada operates a group of scholarly journals covering the natural sciences, social sciences, political science, etc. The editorial board welcomes you to join us as a reviewer.

Status: Part time                         Working language: English
Working style: Internet-based     Payment: Voluntary job, no payment
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Highlights: Development of Multifunctional Energy Technology of Blast-Melting


-Identified the principles of the technology including decay, combination and limiting conditions.

-Defined system properties of blast-furnace as a multifunctional system.

-Established that each of the main BF-function including metallurgy, energy and environmental can be performed off-line.

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Highlights: Blast Melting Technology without Coke


-Studying a pattern of transition to the technology without coke (TWC) On the basis of BF-evolution.

-The key problems of TWC is the ability to use ash coals and rebuilding BF in shaft-hearth Unit (SHU)

-Studying the new technology by physical and mathematical models.

-TWC can be organized by reconstruction of BF, the term of payback < 1 year. 

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Highlights: Problems and Prospects of Low-Coke Blast-Furnace Technology


-Study of BF-processes when replacing part of the coke by using a multi-zone mathematical model.

-Showed the possibility of reducing the coke consumption up to 180-200 kg/t by blowing pulverized coals.

-The possibility of injection instead of 250 kg/t low-ash coal and 400 kg/t of high-ash in the form of gasification products.

-Development of a system of coal gasification by furnace-side units or tuyere-mounted gasifiers.

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Highlights: System Analysis of the Processes Under Influence of the Complex of Parameters


-Study of the influence on the processes of individual parameters and complex of factors. Propose rational modes.

-It was found that use of the offered modes will allow cutting coke expenses to 190-200 kg/t of pig-iron.

-Technology of pulverized coal injection may not limit the Arsenal of technologies used (coke-oven gas, products of coal-gasification, lump anthracite).

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Highlights: Study of Influence on the Processes of Individual Blast Parameters


-The main factor responsible for the decrease in coke consumption by increasing the natural gas is decrease in the direct reduction of iron (rd).

-When rd < 20% , the differential equivalent of coke replacement falls from 0.9-1.0 to 0.2-0.4 kg/m3.

-The influence of coke-oven gas is analogous when the supply ratio of the coke-oven gas and natural gas is 1: 2.

-The main factor that determined the substitution of coke pulverized coal fuel is the heat of combustion of coal-dust.

-Predominant over consumption of coke in enrichment of blast oxygen is the reduction of heat nitrogen.

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Highlights: Study of Influence on the Processes of Individual Charge Parameters


-Analysis of influence preliminary metallization burden on processes allowed finding new regularities.

-Influence of preliminary metallization burden on processes is different from known.

-With new regularities was revealed the weakening of influence on processes of injection of gas and distribution of materials on sections.

-Reasonability restricts the extent of pre-metallization of the charge size of 20%.

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Highlights: Characteristics of Technology and Uneven Processes-Cognition, Calculation, Forecast


-Blast melting as a technical phenomenon, its evolution and the possibilities of reducing the coke consumption.

-Methods of analysis and the development of multi-zone model of blast-melting.

-Forecasts by multi-zone model the characteristics of processes in the volume of blast furnace.

-Results of calculations with various types of burden distribution on the furnace top.

-Influence of burden materials distribution on the processes and indexes of BF. 

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