The Effect of Group Counseling on the Level of Depression and Anxiety in a Sample of Women in the Menopausal Stage in Jordan

Entisar Yousef Smadi


The study aimed to identify the impact of the group counseling program on the degree of anxiety and depression program in a sample of women in the menopausal stage in the city of Amman, Jordan, the study sample included 22 ladies in the menopausal stage, 11 women of the experimental group and 11 women of the control group, where the application of anxiety scale characteristic and Beck-Depression scale on the members of the two groups as a pre-test, then applied counseling program on the experimental sample for a period of 12 weeks, without any procedures with control group, after that has been re-apply the measure again as a post-test, statistical analysis showed positive impact in reducing the level of anxiety and depression in the experimental sample belonging to the group counseling program. The study concluded that the recommendation of the need for awareness of the nature of the menopausal stage and provide specialized psychiatric services contribute to overcoming the psychological effects associated with it.



Anxiety; Depression; Menopause

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