Special Topics: Environment Protection and Landscape Design of Freeway

The special topic calls for papers on Environment Protection and Landscape Design of Freeway and such papers will appear in Canadian Social Science as a special column.

Affiliated research area: Freeway, Environment Protection, Landscape Design


Highway construction inevitably may cause certain influence on its natural environment and ecology balance along the route. As every highway project is unique, its natural environment is also unique, so it should take a little different method for different highway project to protect its environment. Besides, highway transportation plays an important role in almost everyone’s daily life. Life quality is influenced by the visual quality of the highway travel experience. Visual quality and landscape of highway are the factors when design highway. The paper analyzes the characteristic of natural environment and landscape resource along Ningyuan to Dao county freeway, Hunan province, puts forward the methods and measures of environment protection and landscape design, and introduces the environment and landscape effects of taking the measures into practice of the highway project construction.


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Environment Protection and Landscape Design of Ning- Dao Freeway ISBN: 978-0-7695-3687-3