Design of Large Size Axle Diameter Measurement System

Daguang BAO, Bingren ZHANG, Hongshuang LIU


In this paper, a new method based on micro array LED dynamic axle diameter measurement system is proposed, which can achieve dynamic, rapid, accurate and non-contact measurement of the diameter of the axle, and combine the latest high-tech non-contact measuring method with the diameter measurement of shaft parts. In this paper, the measurement method is analyzed, and the characteristics of machine vision technology are described in detail, it introduces the working principle of the non contact CCD outer diameter measurement system and the method for measuring axle diameter. And the hardware design of the electronic control system is studied in depth, finally carries on the test to the detection system, in the diameter measurement range of 0~Φ300 mm, the system detection accuracy is less than or equal to ±2 μm, the data meet the detection precision index of the system requirements.


Non-contact measurement; CCD detection; Detection accuracy; Machine vision

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