Research on the Green Production Behavior of Large-Scale Agricultural Business Entities

Hongling XIANG


Green production behavior is conducive to reducing agricultural pollution and saving resources from the source, and is an important path to achieve sustainable agricultural development and the transformation of agricultural green production mode. This study takes large-scale agricultural business entities as the research object, explores the driving factors of green production behavior, constructs an evaluation index system of green production behavior, and analyzes the adoption of green production behavior based on field research. The research conclusion shows that: (1) the occurrence of green production behavior of large-scale agricultural management entities is the result of the combined effect of intrinsic motivation and external stimulus, and the importance of different factors to different green production behaviors is different; (2) The overall adoption of green production behavior was poor, and the score ranking of the four types of behaviors was: green reduction input behavior> green technology adoption behavior> waste recycling behavior > cultivated land protection behavior. Therefore, in the pre-production and post-production cultivated land protection and waste treatment, we should pay attention to the exploration of behavioral methods, and pay attention to the improvement of behavioral efficiency when reducing input in production and adopting green technologies.


Agricultural business entities; Green production behavior; Driving factors

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