Special Topic: What's Gender Got to Do with It? Gender Inclusive Engineering Education


Affiliated research area: Higher Education, Student Interest, Teaching Strategy Based on Gender Difference


Despite numerous initiatives over the past 30 years, women continue to be a small minority in engineering education and employment in much of the world. In a recent Australian report Addressing the supply and quality of Engineering graduates for the new century by Emeritus Professor Robin King it was recommended that engineering education must become more female-friendly, and specifically that a more inclusive curriculum must be defined and implemented. The selection of the knowledge and skills to be included in any curriculum is the responsibility of the faculty members, in conjunction with accreditation bodies, and the choices made will therefore shape student perceptions of the current priorities, attitudes and practices in the profession.

The presenters of this webinar are co-authors of the recently published book Gender Inclusive Engineering Education (Routledge, 2010) which demonstrates the ways in which traditional engineering education has not attracted, supported or retained female students and identifies the issues needing to be addressed in changing engineering education to become more gender inclusive. This innovative and much-needed work also addresses how faculty can incorporate inclusive curriculum within their courses and programs, and provides a range of exemplars of good practice in gender inclusive engineering education that will be immediately useful to faculty who teach engineering students.


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