Narrow Band Gap AgInTe2 Solar Cells Fabricated by Printing Method

Duy-Cuong Nguyen, Seigo Ito


AgInTe2 micron-particles were synthesized by mechanical ball milling method. Only AgInTe2 phase was obtained in the powder after ball milling from the mixture of elements (Ag, In, and Te). AgInTe2 particles had the variation in the size and the biggest particle was approximately 2 µm. AgInTe2 solar cells were fabricated as <AgInTe2/In2S3/TiO2/FTO> superstrate structure by doctor-blade printing, and were annealed at various temperatures under nitrogen ambient. AgInTe2 after annealing showed high crystallinity and two band gaps of 0.67 and 0.86 eV. Although no photocurrent was observed after annealing below 350 °C, the photocurrent was observed in AgInTe2 superstrate solar cells after annealing over 400 °C. The short-circuit photocurrent density strongly increased up to 18 mA/cm2 for the samples annealed at 600 °C for 5 min.

Key words: AgInTe2; Solar cells; Printing method


AgInTe2; Solar cells; Printing method

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