Theoretical Analysis of Solar Thermal Collector with a Flat Plate Bottom Booster Reflector

Hiroshi Tanaka


A theoretical analysis of a solar thermal collector with a flat plate bottom reflector is presented. The bottom reflector extends from the lower edge of the collector. The variations of daily solar radiation absorbed on the collector with inclinations from horizontal for both the collector and reflector throughout the year were predicted, and the optimum inclinations of the collector and reflector which maximize the daily solar radiation absorbed on the collector were determined for each month at 30oN latitude. The effects of the size of the collector and reflector on the daily solar radiation absorbed on the collector were also investigated. The optimum collector inclination is lower in summer and higher in winter, while the optimum reflector inclination is higher in summer and lower in winter. The average daily solar radiation absorbed on the collector throughout the year can be increased about 20%, 27% and 33% by using a bottom reflector if the ratio of reflector length to collector length is 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0, respectively, when the collector’s length is equal to its width.

 Key words: Solar energy; Solar thermal collector; Bottom reflector; Collector-reflector; Optimum inclination


Key words: Solar energy; Solar thermal collector; Bottom reflector; Collector-reflector; Optimum inclination

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