Africa and the Africans’ Care for the Poor and Needy in the New Testament: Good News for Contemporary Africa and the Africans?

Abiodun Simeon Ige


This article entails a critical investigation of the attitude of Africa and Africans to the poor and needy in the New Testament and the contemporary attitude of Africa and Africans (especially leaders) to the poor and needy. The paper glanced through the scripture for what it says of the poor and needy and the various terms used for the poor and needy. It also examines the terminologies used for Africa and Africans in the New Testament and critically discusses Africa and Africans care for the poor and needy in the New Testament. The article further looked into African core values as it relates to the current attitude of Africa and Africans to the poor and needy. It draws a conclusion that the contemporary attitude is nothing but bad news as against the legacy of Africa and Africans in the New Testament.


Africa; Care; Oppression; Poor; Poverty; New testament

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