The Status of Female Sports Marketing Products Through Online in the City of Sanandaj, Iran

Mohammad Yaser Mazhari, Abdolrazagh Madahi, Yousef Sharifpour, Maryam Mirzai


Growing internet using in the third world countries, especially between the Iranian people, encourages marketers to be more concentrated on electronic trade and attracting customers through online. This research consists of two goals which they are: the study of sellers and sports experts about effect of products, price, place and promotion of 4 Ps that propagated through online on sales and studying the effect of marketers and sports products sellers’ relationship with buyers through online with emphasis on 4 Ps of marketing factors. This study is a descriptive study method that it has been done through scaling method. The statistical society of this research is 300 professors and sport management experts and marketing companies or sports products sellers in Kurdistan province (Iran). The tool for collecting data was questionnaire and the data has been analyzed by the regression method. Findings indicated that from the sports marketers and the experts point of view, between the amount of influence through online on the 4 Ps elements and women’s sports products in the current and desirable conditions, there is a meaningful positive relationship and finally respondents have had different attitude and assess on the impact of propagated 4p through online on the selling.
Key words: Female sports marketing; 4 Ps of marketing; Online marketing; Sanandaj-Iran


Female sports marketing; 4 Ps of marketing; Online marketing; Sanandaj-Iran


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