The Prevalence of Gill Parasites of Clarias Species Sold in Jalingo Market in Taraba State, Nigeria

D. A. Wanmi, D. G. W. Chintem, J. A. Njilmah, Achilus Francis


The gills of 80 specimens of Clarias species randomly purchased from the fresh fish market in Jalingo, Taraba State were examined for gill parasites. 39 (48.75%) of the fish were infected by two species of parasites: a monogenean, Macrogyrodactylus congolensis (47.5%) and a protozoan, Henneguya sp. (7.5%). Gill infections were observed in fish of lengths 36.5-44.5cm (66.7%); 21-27cm (60%). The highest prevalence of infection (66.7%) was observed in fish that weighed 40-105g; however male fish were observed to have higher prevalence of infection (65%) than females (61.53%).


Gill; Parasites; Clarias; Monogenean; Prevalence; Protozoan

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