A Writer of Double Identities: A Study on Miguel Street from the Perspective of Orientalism

Tao-hong WANG


Based on Said’s orientalism theory, the paper provides an analysis of Miguel Street, the early work written by the famous British immigrant writer, annalistic writer, V.S. Naipaul, who was the Nobel Laureate in 2001. Naipaul is a writer of double identities, i.e. the first world scholar with the third world origin. When he “gazes” at orient from the stand of oriental scholars, he has “been gazed” by occidental colonists. The realistic depiction of the foolish, narrow-minded, slothfully corrupted, culturally rootless mass on Miguel Street represents the oriental images defined by western literati. However, the application of black humor technique in the work is the colonial writer’s way of self-ridicule on his own state of be politically, economically and culturally oppressed and controlled by the west. Key words: V.S. Naipaul , Miguel Street, orientalism, realism , black humor Résumé: point de vue orientalisteBasé sur la théorie orientaliste , Ce texte analyse une des premières oeuvres “La Rue de Michelle”de Naipaul , qui , illustre écrivain immigré et chroniqueur , a gagneé le prix Nobel de littérature en 2001 . Ayant la double identité d’un chercheur du tiers monde dans le domaine culturel du premier monde , Naipaul “ regarde ” l’orient en tant que chercheur orientaliste , et en même temps , il est “regardé ” par les colonisateurs occidentaux Mots-clés: Naipaul , “La Rue de Michelle”, orientalisme , réalisme , humour noir 摘要:本文從賽義德關於東方主義理論出發,對 2001年諾貝爾文學獎得主 ,英國著名移民作家 ,編年史作家 V.S.Naipaul 的早期作品《米格爾街》作了分析。認為作家奈保爾作為第一世界文化領域的第三世界學者因其雙重身份,站在東方主義學者的立場上“看”東方的同時,也是西方殖民者“被看”的物件。其關於米格爾大街芸芸眾生相愚昧,狹隘,懶散,墮落,文化無根性的近乎現實主義的刻畫代表了西方知識份子對東方形象的界定和定義;另一方面其對於作品中黑色幽默手法的運用也是作為殖民地作家對於西方政治,經濟,文化控制,顛覆並向殖民地滲透現狀無能為力的自我解嘲的一種方式。通過分析其第一人稱敍述手法揭示出其全文的基調,並折射出作者奈保爾作為“夾縫人”在對殖民地人民的問題上所抱有的愛恨交織的態度,即面對處境悲慘群體生髮出憐憫之情的同時,對於其道德淪喪,生活無望又表現出作為現代文明人的優越感。 關鍵詞:奈保爾;米格爾街;東方主義;現實主義;黑色幽默

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968/j.ccc.1923670020050101.006


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